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For Individuals

Making Your Future Possible Through Independent Financial Advice

Henson Crisp are Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) providing bespoke wealth management and financial planning services to a wide range of private individuals and businesses across the UK.

As navigating the waters of financial investments can be complex, we aim to offer support and sound advice. While there has never been so much information at our fingertips thanks to the internet, the sheer volume of information can sometimes be overwhelming. This is where professional independent financial advice can ensure your financial goals and wellbeing are safeguarded.

Building Blocks

The building blocks for achieving your goals are pensions and investments. Within these, the pace of investment or level of risk is entirely up to you. Some clients seek a faster pace, higher risk/return from their investments. Whereas, others prefer a steadier, more predictable outcome.

Therefore, we tailor our solutions to your individual requirements. We will challenge you if we feel your stated objectives or level of risk is not in your best interests.

Making the Most of Your Money

Nobody likes to spend money unnecessarily. Effective tax planning helps avoid this and as a result, it ensures you retain as much of your wealth as possible. Additionally, trust planning helps you leave more to pass on to the next generation.

Protecting Your Family and Assets

We always have to prepare for the unexpected. With this in mind, an essential part of our work as financial advisers is to ensure our clients are adequately protected so that their plans are not thrown off track by the odd curveball life throws.

Financial Advice for Private Individuals

Supporting private individuals achieve their financial goals is probably the most enjoyable – and challenging – part of our work at Henson Crisp. It gives us tremendous satisfaction to see a financial plan bear fruit and consequently enhance the lives of our clients and their families.

No two financial plans are the same; they are as unique as our clients. Therefore, they are designed to help you get to the right point in your life at the right time.

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