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Independent Financial Advice

Independent advice is always best, it means we're impartial.

When looking at the type of advice you need, independent advice is always best, it means we're impartial. There are many considerations to make when looking at long term goals when planning for your future.

Asking for financial advice may seem daunting but if you need help with a financial decision it's worth persevering. We're always happy to talk to you and make no charge for your initial meeting.

If you are looking for financial advice there are two types of advisor you can use: independent advisors or restricted advisors.

All firms providing advice should disclose upfront what type of advice you will receive. We are independent advisors and we believe the difference is important.

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Why independent financial advice is important

The independence factor can prove invaluable in a number of ways before examining these in more detail. Let us first look at why taking advice is a major benefit in its own right.

The financial world is a complex one, when considering your finances you have to weigh up many considerations which will include which financial products to use the cost involved with those products the tax position how they compare to other products.

How all this links into your long-term plans, then there is a need to try and balance what you have to do today against planning for the future.

Difficult financial decisions to make

When it comes to making decisions you might need to make some difficult calculations:

  • Should you borrow more or save more?
  • Should you keep your money safe or invest it into riskier assets for a potentially higher return?
  • How much should you put into an ISA and how much into a pension?
  • Which companies should you use?
  • Where's the best place to invest?
  • Should you invest directly or should you use funds?
  • Should you use passive or active funds?
  • Should you invest in the UK or overseas?

Most of these examples will not be straightforward. You will need to factor out the balance between different options then you may well need to consider other aspects.

For example: do you need to have a power of attorney in place or use trusts? Should you have income protection insurance or critical illness cover? and if so who has the most suitable policy terms, how much will it cost and which companies offer competitive premiums? There's so much to factor in and this is where a professional and regulated adviser can make the difference because an advisor can help you sort through the options.

To achieve a balanced position you'll need to find an adviser who can work with you to understand in simple terms what so much of this really means to you and your loved ones.

A good adviser can go even further too, they can guide you in the right direction to introduce you to methods of financial planning that help utilize your tax allowances and have software at their fingertips to search the market to identify suitable products and providers.

They can use their expert knowledge of the market to help you prepare and manage the risks you face.

In addition a good financial adviser can support you in coordinating all of this.

Independent rather than restricted

If you are seeking or taking advice and work with us then you will be getting independent advice. Because we are independent rather than restricted this means we have access to the whole of the market and we are not tied to any particular family of funds or investment products. Our approach is also totally unbiased by any third-party influence in a sector where there are many complexities.

An independence angle is a major factor, we can tailor solutions to your precise needs and recommend any company that is suitable for you to use and provide advice on the whole range of retail investment products. In this sense we have the entire orchestra at our disposal. As independent advisors we work with your situation, your requirements and ambitions and have complete freedom to steer you towards the right solutions.

We are proud to be offering truly independent advice.

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