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Our Advice Process & Fees

Our Advice Process

The initial no-obligation meeting is at our expense, if you decide that you could benefit from our services and advice, an adviser will work with you to further understand your objectives.

More detailed information will be gathered, both personal and financial, to enable the adviser to assess the full picture. We also assess your attitude to risk: do you prefer to invest in riskier assets in the hope of superior growth, or are you unwilling to risk your capital under any circumstances? With this information, the adviser will develop a well-defined goal to meet your objectives.

Bespoke Services

Using the latest analytical tools and technology, the adviser will research the open market. They will identify the most suitable plan for your objectives with the best product providers. This will be based on the adviser’s experience, and at a competitive rate.

In a further meeting, the adviser presents the plan. They will take you through each stage, setting out specific and realistic recommendations designed to achieve your goals. If you have any concerns, or wish to implement changes, these will be discussed so we understand your reasons.

Ongoing Support

Once agreed, the adviser proceeds to implement the plan with the relevant organisations, ensuring you get the best outcome. Managing assets in the region of £150m gives us leverage with product providers, ensuring our clients benefit from lower service fees.

In ongoing periodic review meetings (covered by your annual fee) you and the adviser review the progress of the plan and discuss any amendments or new requirements. We also assess if your ability to accept risk (your capacity for investment loss) has changed, and if so, we recommend rebalancing your investments.

Our Step by Step Advice Process

1. Engagement

Identify your needs and objectives

We will arrange a meeting to fully explain how our service works and identify your primary financial needs and objectives.

2. Discovery

Gather information

Your adviser will work with you to develop your objectives into defined goals.

3. Research & Analysis

Analysing your situation

Once your goals are agreed, we will work with you to complete your Personal Financial Plan.

4. Presenting Your Plan

Develop an action plan

Your Personal Financial Plan will set out specific and realistic recommendations designed to achieve your stated objectives over an agreed time period.

5. Implementation

Plan implementation

Now it’s time to put the plan into action. Now you can relax while we take care of the rest.

6. Ongoing Service & Relationship

Monitoring your progress

Regular reviews will take into account any changes in your personal circumstances, financial market conditions and relevant legislation.

Our Advice Fees

  • We will not charge anything until you have signed a fee agreement after the initial consultation.
  • Depending on the work involved, we will agree either a fixed charge or work based on an hourly rate. This will be notified to you in the fee agreement.
  • Depending on the level of service you select, we will charge an annual fee to service your portfolio.
  • The majority of our income comes from recurring servicing fees over the duration of the policy. Therefore, we are not incentivised to make quick sales. Our business model and values are based on maintaining a long-term relationship and policies that are beneficial to you, our client.

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