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A lady sitting by the window drinking tea thinking about the state pension age

The WASPI saga continues

Many women born in the 1950s should be paid compensation for a shortfall in their…

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Positive change for sustainable investing

Positive Change For Sustainable Investing

The adviser industry has joined forces to launch AdviserAction, demonstrating the power of collaboration and…

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Inflation shopping basket

The inflation shopping basket – Out goes hand sanitiser, in comes vinyl…

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has been sorting through its inflation shopping basket.

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higher income child benefit charge

The child benefit tax rule changes

One of the few surprises in the Spring Budget was the change affecting how child…

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welcoming new non-executive board member Jane Hill

Press Release – Welcoming New Non-Executive Board Member

Henson Crisp is pleased to announce that Jane Hill has joined our team as a…

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The UK ISA slides into view

One of the many well-trailed announcements in the Spring Budget was the launch of a…

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State pension age increase

Born after 1978? Keep an eye on State pension age

An independent report suggests that the State pension age (SPA) should rise much faster than…

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Retirement living standards - couple walking their dog on the beach at sunset

How much does retirement cost?

New research has put some surprising numbers on the income needed in retirement.

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The proportion of those married or in civil partnerships has dipped below 50% for the first time. With simple cohabitation on the rise, are taxes and laws keeping up?

Demographics shift to minority married

New data on marriage and civil partnerships shows a significant threshold has been crossed.

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Tax planning for the new tax year

Planning ahead for the new tax year

With the start of a new tax year approaching, now is the time to rethink…

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retirement procrastination. State pension age increases

Working to 72? The retirement procrastination problem

Recent research on planned retirement ages has produced some unexpected and perhaps unrealistic results.

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Spring Budget 2024 - image of the houses of parliament at sunset with some spring flowers

Digesting the Spring Budget 2024

(Potentially) The biggest financial update before the election arrives - but what changes were announced and how…

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the future of the state pension - a clock with piles of coins next to it and plants sporouting to signify money growth

The future of the State pension

Public opinion is pessimistic about the future of the State pension.

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HMRC cracking down on tax avoidance ondigital platforms

HMRC, eBay and second-hand news

The media storm surrounding HMRC taxing eBay and other online sellers from the start of…

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An Early Spring Budget for 2024

On your marks – an early Spring Budget for 2024

A date to note in this year’s calendar is the early Spring Budget on Wednesday…

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Time for tax year-end planning

With spring around the corner it is time to turn your thoughts to planning for…

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FTSE 100 at 40

Lessons from the FTSE at 40

As the FTSE 100 turned 40 on 3 January 2024, we look at how it…

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An image depicting different types of ISA

A revamp for individual savings accounts (ISA)

From 6 April 2024, individual savings account (ISA) rules will be changing, mostly for the…

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FCA cracks down on ESG greenwashing

The regulator attacks greenwashing

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced new rules to ensure a green label on…

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The national insurance tax cut

For employees, the national insurance cut announced in the Autumn Statement took effect on 6…

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The widening gap: National Minimum Wage vs. new State pension

The gap between two government set income levels is the widest it has ever been.

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new year, new financial checklist

New year, new you! Make sure you prioritise your financial wellbeing in 2024.

We often hear the phrase "New Year, new me", but rarely do we hear about…

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UK inflation falling

Inflation pledge met, but what’s next?

The Prime Minister has met his pledge of halving inflation, but we’re not out of…

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Retirement planning attitudes

Getting a head start: retirement planning attitudes in 2023

A survey of 6,000 people, aged 18 to 80, revealed starkly different views on retirement…

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combat climate change with Carma through tree planting

Henson Crisp are combatting climate change with Carma

At our investment seminar in October we announced some positive news – we are joining…

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Financial gifts for children this Christmas

It’s that time of year again when financial gifts may be given... and HMRC is…

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Supporting Cared for Children

At Henson Crisp we feel it is important to support charities and our local community…

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UK tax revenues set to break new records

Research has confirmed what your pocket already knows: UK taxes are at historically high levels.

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Higher workplace pension contributions

New legislation has paved the way for important changes to automatic enrolment in workplace pensions.

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Jeremy Hunt - Autumn Statement 2023 announcement

The Autumn Statement 2023: Prioritising economic growth

The UK government has released its highly anticipated Autumn Statement, providing a glimpse into its…

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Autumn statement 2023 - spring budget cycle

A spring Budget cycle will resume shortly

The Chancellor has announced that he will issue an Autumn Statement on 22 November.

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Triple Lock

An uncertain future for the Triple Lock

State pension increases could be outpacing inflation next April, and there’s no guarantee of the…

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The case for increasing pension contributions

A new think tank report highlights the need to increase pension contributions.

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Intestacy limit breach delays uplift

Intestacy limit breach delays uplift

“Get a will and keep it up to date” is advice that often appears in…

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defer your state pension

Deferring your state pension

You do not have to take your state pension at state pension age.

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Investment Funds - OEICs and ETFs

Do you know your OEICs from your ETFs?

Investment funds come in a variety of formats and acronyms – the differences are worth…

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So farewell then inheritance tax? Not so fast

Is Downing Street really planning to abolish inheritance tax?

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Interest Rates Rising - Stack of coins with a small wooden house on the alrgest stack

Time to get real on interest rates

As interest rates continue to rise, we need to consider why.

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Capital Gains Tax CGT on the rise

Capital gains tax on the rise – behind the headlines

Capital gains tax raised £16.7 billion in 2021/22, according to HMRC – a 15% increase…

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new tax policy

What’s next? Looking ahead to new tax policy

With a general election less than 18 months away, thoughts are turning towards the potential…

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Banking crisis close to home? Mortgage interest rates on the rise

A banking crisis close to home?

Rising mortgage rates are posing some difficult questions for one of the major providers of…

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Income tax statistics aren't all what they seem

Behind the numbers on income tax

New income tax statistics from HMRC appear to be good news, but the numbers are…

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Retirement affordability. Can I afford to retire?

The reality of retirement affordability

New research reveals that one in three people could face hardship in retirement.

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If you were planning to fill the gaps in your national insurance contributions (NICs) record by 31 July, you no longer need to rush or worry – you now have until 2025.

NICs deadline deferred, again

If you were planning to fill the gaps in your national insurance contributions (NICs) record…

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Crypto currency bitcoin ethereal

FCA takes on crypto: handle with great care

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently announced a plan for tougher regulations of cryptoassets, such…

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Wealth Tax calculations

Tax is too complicated… say the legislators

A parliamentary committee has been examining efforts to simplify tax, but progress is still a…

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FCA warning on trusts

The FCA’s unusual warning on trusts

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning on some trust services.

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deadline for pensions

31 July: an important deadline for pension provision

If you have gaps in your national insurance contributions (NICs) record, then 31 July should…

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Counter Fraud

More action to counter fraud

The government has announced a new initiative to counter fraudulent activity, particularly in the financial…

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Inheritance tax bonanza

Will you be fueling the inheritance tax bonanza?

Recent data has revealed that inheritance tax (IHT) receipts reached a record level in the…

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Piggy bank with various coins

Bank deposit protection set to rise?

The recent problems in the banking world have raised questions around the current maximum protection…

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Man working out taxes for the new tax year

2023/24 – the 23-month tax year?

If you are self-employed, the new tax year may be longer than you think.

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Two ladies in a park discussing site pension age

State Pension Age Increase to 68 Deferred

The government has deferred its decision on when to raise the State Pension age (SPA)…

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Taxpayers moving to higher rate tax band

More taxpayers moving to higher rate

Figures released alongside the Budget have highlighted a projected surge in the number of people…

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Image of a mother and her two children depicting the topic for Unclaimed Child Trust Funds

Child Trust Funds: £394 million unclaimed

A recent report has highlighted the high number and value of Child Trust Funds (CTFs)…

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Grandad providing childcare to granddaughter and reading a book to her

A trio of Budget measures for childcare

The Budget announced three important changes to childcare provisions in England, but one trap remains.

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Automatic enrolment and pension contribution reforms

A new government bill indicates that a change to the automatic enrolment minimum age, and…

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unmarried couple reading a book to their baby

Bereavement benefits extended to unmarried couples

The eligibility for some bereavement payments has now been extended to unmarried couples, but there…

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Minding the gap: NICs top-up deadline extended

The rush to meet the voluntary national insurance contributions (NICs) top-up deadline of 5 April has forced…

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Pension tax rule changes

The Budget surprise: changes to the pension tax rules

New measures affecting pension allowances announced in the March Budget could mean your retirement planning…

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boardroom discussions about dividends

Global dividends back on trend

New research shows that global dividends have shaken off the impacts of Covid-19 and reverted…

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Tulips blooming in spring - new tax year

Looking forward to a Happy New Tax Year?

The new tax year starts on 6 April, heralding a raft of changes that will…

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Older couple looking at a laptop and discussing the cost of retirement

The Rising Cost of Retirement

How much income do you actually need in retirement? New research shows an increase that…

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A woman and her daughter walking in the woods

Child Benefit – avoiding the High-Income Child Benefit Charge

Avoiding the HICBC

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An old couple drinking wine after a funeral thinking about their future

Pensions, death and taxes: the retirement anomaly

There is an interesting lesson to be learned from a think tank’s pension criticism.

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The inflation puzzle of 2022

Annual inflation in 2022 was 10.5%, but not all components rose by double digits.

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Retired couple looking out across the lake

Value for money: State pension vs. NICs

State Pensions vs. NICs

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Into the ice age: the diminishing personal allowance

 The frozen personal allowance may be overtaken by the new state pension in only a…

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inflation forecast 2023

2023 inflation forecast: The only way is down?

 Inflation surged in 2022, but can it reverse in 2023? Source: ONS, Eurostat, BLS. Inflation…

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taxpayers caught in tax rate taper trap

Caught by the additional tax rate taper trap

A growing number of taxpayers are being caught by the personal allowance taper, which will…

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Investment inflation

Investment wrap-up 2022

In 2022, most of the world’s major share indices had their worst year since 2008,…

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Financial planning and Advice New Year

Your New Year Financial Planning Checklist

2022 was an eventful year, giving you good reason to think about your financial planning…

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Financial Planning Christmas

Looking for alternative Christmas presents?

Why not consider a different kind of gift for your children or grandchildren this Christmas…

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residence nil rate band (RNRB) Inheritance Tax (IHT)

Confused on claiming residence band relief?

Working through inheritance tax (IHT) requirements has come at a difficult time. The provisions of…

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Financial Advisers Wealth Management Small Business of the Year 2022

Peterborough Business Awards 2022 – Small Business of the Year 2022!

Small Business of the Year Last night Henson Crisp attended the Peterborough Telegraph’s Business Excellence…

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Autumn Statement 2022 finances tax planning pensions

The Autumn Statement 2022

Autumn Statement 2022 - What does this mean for your finances? The Autumn Statement 2022…

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14 October 2022: The Growth Plan – An Update

On 14 October, as an important deadline loomed for Bank of England support of the…

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Press Release – Henson Crisp Appoints Two New Directors

Celebrating its 15th year of trading, Henson Crisp now advises on close to £150m of…

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T.Rex: The Killer Question

After a 2 year wait, T.Rex is finally coming to the Peterborough Cathedral this summer.…

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Henson Crisp Chilly Bottle in Norfolk

Sustainable Investing

This is a word we are hearing a lot recently, not only because it is…

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Proud local sponsors of Triceratops!

Henson Crisp, proud local sponsors of Triceratops, as The Natural History Museum brings its touring…

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Henson Crisp The Financial WellBeing Book

Joining Initiative for Financial Wellbeing

Henson Crisp is proud to announce partnering the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing (IFW), brainchild of…

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Making sense of fluctuations in the Financial Markets

Currently, in light of economic uncertainty surround ongoing efforts worldwide to contain the Coronavirus, it…

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What our clients think

Rating: 5
Excellent firm providing a first class service. Helpful and friendly staff. Thank you.

S, Peterborough

Rating: 5


I would like to share some feedback. I have for the last few weeks been dealing with Henson Crisp to sort out my finances. I was dreading this as I have recently lost my son and a few years ago my husband. So a very emotional task for me. I don’t know why I worried. Everybody was so pleasant and helpful, particularly Jonathon and Beth who was an angel. Nothing was too much bother. Within a couple of visits you feel like part of the family.

Henson Crisp were recommended to me by very good friends I now know why.

A big thank you to all.


E, Peterborough

Rating: 5


Fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable service. I would highly recommend as we always do to our family and friends.

V, Peterborough

Rating: 5


I’ve found working with Duncan and the team and Henson Crisp really helpful in simplifying the complex area of pensions. It’s a comfort to know that my pension planning is now in place and being reviewed regularly.

R, Sandy

Rating: 5


Every step of the way was explained carefully and thoughtfully by Jonathon at Henson Crisp. Nothing has ever been too much trouble. I have always felt very confident with Jonathon’s advice and expertise. I would highly recommend him to all.

K, Huntingdon

Rating: 5


Excellent service and personal advise from a very friendly team, who are consistently helpful and keen to forge a relationship with, and provide tailored advice to, this younger and smaller client. Jonathon has also advised family members for many years, consistently going above and beyond in a variety of situations.

J, Leighton Buzzard

Rating: 5


Lovely, helpful people that keep you up to date with your finances. Celebration at Peterborough Cathedral was a great touch for our services. Thank you Jonathon.

I, Irchester

Rating: 5


I have always found communication and advice from Henson Crisp to be accurate, realistic, and pragmatic. They take time to understand your individual goals, help decipher risk factors on often turbulent equity markets, and answer or give advice on all questions. Duncan certainly instills confidence in helping me make the right decisions on my fund.

A, Peterborough

Rating: 5


I have been extremely happy with the help and support I received from my adviser Duncan Sanderson. With regard to my account I was kept updated as and when he said he would, so I was not disappointed as I always received communication from him. I received my annual review and a meeting was scheduled accordingly, Duncan explained the statement to me in detail and I am happy with my future plans.

D, Suffolk

Rating: 5


I have been with Henson Crisp (Jonathon) now for a number of years and cannot fault them in any way. It has been a very turbulent time over the last few years with all that has gone on, financial crisis, Brexit and Covid19. However I have had an honest approach to my finances which have faired very well in a difficult climate. This in turn has enabled me to consider my retirement much earlier than I had planned. I have recommended them to a number of people and would not hesitate to do this again in the future.

The service they provide is open and friendly and the advice they give, is of a benefit to me as opposed to Henson Crisp.

R, St Neots

Rating: 5
We have been working with Jonathon at Henson Crisp for in excess of ten years and have been very impressed with the breadth of knowledge and the clear means of communication of the issues and decisions that should be considered. The team have then implemented the tactics and communicated well. The plan that was drawn up all those years ago continues to make better than expected progress so I would have no hesitation in recommending Henson Crisp.
G, Letchworth Garden City
Rating: 5


Jonathon at Henson Crisp has been by my financial adviser for close to 20 years and has always given clear and precise advice on financial planning for my both myself and my wife. With his guidance we have developed a mixed portfolio that extends beyond traditional pensions. He and his team are very responsive and always happy to help with any questions that arise. If you are looking for straight and honest independent financial advice I can highly recommend Jonathon and everyone at Henson Crisp.

R, Hemingford Grey

Rating: 5


Outstanding is the only word I can find to describe the service provided by Jonathon Crisp and his team at Henson Crisp. The word ‘service’ also falls short to describe the team’s commitment to providing not only first-class financial planning and management but also to supporting our family as a whole, looking at every aspect of our wellbeing and needs beyond the parameters of simple pounds and pence – put simply – they care, they encourage and they inspire.

Practically, I have never encountered a more efficient group of people who respond straight away to – and then follow up – any query great or small; when you receive an email from Henson Crisp you also receive an image of the smiling face of the person with whom you are dealing!

It is no exaggeration at state that Jonathon and his team have transformed our lives during the last twelve months, they are a delight to work with and I can highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking help with any aspect of financial management and planning. Thank you very much indeed!

C, Derby


Rating: 5


I’m writing to you, to say thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. I tend to forget to say that when you are with us, I’m too busy with the figures. Nevertheless we are very thankful for the day you first came to see us and for all the years in between. Most of all, of course, the time you said “You can afford to retire now” and proved to be absolutely right. But I know that we would not be in the financial situation we are now without your guidance and we want to thank you for that.

G & M, St Neots

Rating: 5


We have worked with Henson Crisp from the formation 15 years ago. The fact that they view me and my wife as one ‘financial unit’ has allowed us to work towards key goals and to modify the plan depending on our changes in circumstances. They are always willing and able to have open and honest discussions about the options in plain language. Once decisions are made, the implementation has been hassle-free with appropriate levels of communication and documentation from the team. As a result, we have no issues in giving recommendations to others.

G & L, Letchworth Garden City

Rating: 5


When the time came to look closely at my pension plans I knew that I would need help. I am used to dealing with quite complex financial matters, but pensions are different with constantly changing rules / laws, and great care needs to be taken to ensure that you get the best result for your future needs. It is an extremely important decision which I felt required expertise from people used to dealing with such matters. At all times I knew where I stood regarding fees etc. All of the intricacies of the pension plans were explained to me carefully, efficiently, and in a friendly manner.

Mr & Mrs N, Ely

Rating: 5


We have known Jonathon for over 15 years and have valued his advice and knowledge of the markets. Together, we have built a comprehensive plan that over time has met all its objectives over the medium and longer term. We are more than happy to endorse Jonathon’s services and his expertise. My wife and I regard Jonathon not only as a professional financial adviser but as a valued and trusted friend.

W & C, Huntingdon

Rating: 5


Henson Crisp has looked after my financial portfolio since 2012.  I have no hesitation in recommending them.  They work efficiently and keep me informed on the current state of my finances.  I feel very much that they are taking care of my money, therefore my future, thinking of me and not the product that gives them the best return. I am happy with all the financial suggestions and decisions they have made with and for me.

J, Luton

Rating: 5


Following a personal recommendation, I became a client of Henson Crisp. The aim was to resolve some complex pension matters and establish a clear way forward in regards to my financial planning. Throughout a difficult process the Henson Crisp team have shown themselves to be, timely, efficient and knowledgeable. They have a clear ability to make the most complicated of matters understandable. All conducted with a relaxed style that enables good communication but never detracts from the approach that the client “comes first”. I became a client of Henson Crisp on recommendation and I would have no hesitation in offering recommendations to others.

M, Peterborough

Rating: 5


Many thanks also for all your efforts over the years with the investments and pension fund, I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to retire a few years early if it hadn’t have been for you and your team.

G & D, Market Deeping

Rating: 5


Jonathon Crisp has been providing me with financial advice for over 10 years. The advice he has provided has covered a wide spectrum of needs. These needs have included personal; company investment planning and pension planning. His work has always been of the highest integrity and professionalism and I trust his guidance implicitly. I have recommended his work to a number of companies and individuals I have worked alongside. Like myself, they have all been delighted with the sound advice he has given. I would have no hesitation in making further recommendations.

L, Lindication Ltd

Rating: 5


I wanted to thank you for having been my financial adviser for what must be coming up to 20 years. I always appreciated your professionalism and common sense.

C, Scotland

Rating: 5


Whilst working as a Financial Director I was first introduced to Jonathon Crisp over 15 years ago as I required guidance on personal pension planning issues. I found Jonathon to be very personable coupled with an ability to explain complex issues clearly, and with his expertise and sound advice he supplied over a number of years I was able to achieve my goal of early retirement. His Company continues to manage my fund in a thoroughly professional and transparent manner and Jonathon is always happy to respond to any queries I may have whenever I seek general advice on pension-related issues. He has remained a constant of knowledge and trust and it has been my pleasure to have been able to recommend his services on a number of occasions. I cannot speak highly enough of him.

A, Lincolnshire

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