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Retirement & Pensions

Making Your Future Possible Through Independent Financial Advice

At Henson Crisp, we have many years of experience helping people to plan for and enjoy their retirement. Our financial advisers will coordinate a plan for you towards saving for your retirement in the most tax-efficient manner.

Pensions, as Important as Your Family Home, but Less Understood

Indeed, pensions are as important as your family home alas they are often far less understood.  Along with your house, your pension might well be your greatest asset. Many people are familiar with the concepts of mortgages and know by when they will pay off their mortgage. However, not so many are familiar with how pensions work. Fewer still are aware of the options available to them when it comes to retirement planning.

Importantly, a pension is not simply a product for the future. The choices you make now regarding contributions can affect your current tax liability: primarily through tax relief on contributions. They can even be used as a highly tax-efficient method of saving for children’s futures.

Where to Start

Retirement planning may feature low on your list of priorities, especially if it is likely to be decades away. However, we need to be sure that we will have sufficient funds to last potentially over 40 years of retirement.

Consider your options in case of redundancy

If you are facing redundancy, then you will also be facing a period of uncertainty and stress. Your workplace pension may be the least of your immediate considerations. However, the good news is that it is relatively easy to sort out.

How We Work

Working With You

More detailed information will be gathered, both personal and financial, to enable the adviser to assess the full picture. We also assess your attitude to risk.

Initial Meeting

Our initial no-obligation meeting is free-of-charge, if you decide that you could benefit from our services, an adviser will work with you to further understand your objectives.

Bespoke Services

Using the latest analytical tools and technology, the adviser will research the open market. They will identify the most suitable plan for your objectives with the best product providers.

Ongoing Services

Our initial Once agreed, the adviser proceeds to implement the plan with the relevant organisations, ensuring you get the best outcome.

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